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Consumer Direct Colorado has partnered with Health Care Policy and Financing to develop a network for connecting employers to potential CDASS Attendants.

Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services (CDASS) is an option in Colorado that empowers individuals to self-direct their services. An individual, who may be a person with a disability or elderly and chooses to participant in CDASS, is the legal employer of record. As employers, individuals hire, train, and manage attendants of their choice who best fit their unique needs.

It is Consumer Direct’s mission to provide quality services to employers so they can remain in their homes and communities. We strive to provide excellent customer service and simple tools that support success in managing attendants. The Attendant Directory is a tool to help employers connect with attendants who can support them with their quality of life in their home and community.

Employers searching for attendants on the directory choose if they want to interview and hire a potential attendant. This includes determining if the potential attendant’s skills and experience are a fit.

All potential attendants seeking work or current attendants seeking additional hours with other employers must register to utilize the Attendant Directory. Please note, completing the employment process with the employer’s selected Financial Management Services (FMS) provider is required. Click here for additional requirements.

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